Beers and Birds


Mike Wallis

Mike "Pink Floyd" Wallis (@BeersandBirdsMike) has been an Eagles fan since 96', after watching a thrilling takedown of the Cowboys capped off by a James Willis interception lateraled to Troy Vincent and taken back 103 yards in the final seconds. Mike fancies himself the pod game-master. He appreciates a wide range of beers, but particularly enjoys Belgian-style brews. He has the strongest Untappd game on the pod by far.


Sean Cottrell

A husband and father of two awesome kids located in Philadelphia, PA, Sean spends his days managing risks for a large insurance company and early mornings/nights doing what he loves: watching and writing about the Eagles & football. The NFL draft, Temple University, Philly sports, and quantum mechanics are his passions.


Brad Weaver

Brad Weaver is a four for four Philadelphia sports enthusiast with a special passion for the Philadelphia Eagles. Besides being a professional student, he writes for the Beers and Birds website, now that schooling is complete (for the time being). Brad has been a craft brew aficionado since a morning-after Miller Lite revolt caused an ugly divorce between himself and domestic beer. Cheers!


Rob Wheeling

Rob Wheeling is the co-producer and sound engineer for Beers and Birds. When he is not podcasting or editing, he is earning his wages as an IT administrator.

Beyond The Blade


Chad DeDominicis

Chad is the Buffalo Sabres Lead Writer for The Hockey Writers, Buffalo Sabres Contributing writer for The Fourth Period, co-host for Beyond the Blade, and co-founder of Grandstand Sports Network.


Bill Schake

Life is short. When you're done, you're done. We're on this Earth to have some fun. Bill is a co-host for the Beyond the Blade Sabres Podcast

Black N Gold Hockey


Mark Allred

Mark is an NHL and AHL Bruins fan, a co-host of the Black N Gold Hockey Podcast, and a writer for the Black N Gold Hockey Blog.


Court Lalonde

Court is a co-host of the Black N Gold Hockey Podcast, as well as a contributing writer for the Black N Gold Hockey blog.


Rob Timlin

Rob is an armchair GM and co-star of the Black N Gold Hockey Podcast from England.

Breaking Football


Jonathan Valencia

Jonathan is the editor-in-chief at Breaking Football, where he provides fantasy football insight and covers the NFL Draft year-round. He's always down to talk football on Twitter @JonValencia_WiB.


Michael Kist

Michael is a contributing writer for, a co-host of Breaking the Draft, a contributor for @DraftRT, and a Scouting Academy student.

Cover 1


Erik Turner

Erik is a national scout for NDT Scouting, a student at the Scouting Academy, and the founder of and Grandstand Sports Network. Follow Erik at @Cover_1_ on Twitter.


Russell Brown

Russell Brown is an avid NFL Draft fan. Since he can remember, he's always paid attention to it and finally started covering the NFL Draft back in 2010. In 2011, he started coaching high school football. Coaching at all three levels in high school, he was primarily a defensive line coach. When not absorbing his time to football, he's a proud father and an avid coffee drinker.

The Hockey 411


Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is the creator, writer, and host of The Hockey 411. Currently, he is attending Villanova University and has 10 years of experience playing the great game of hockey. You can find him on twitter: @thehockey411. Follow him for amazing content and weekly podcasts!

Numb Bills Fan


Dave Palermo

Numb Bills fan is an NFL & Buffalo Bills Podcast from a numb, delusional, and always hopeful Buffalo Bills fan, David Palermo.

The Rock Pile Report


Drew Gier

Drew Gier is a resident of WNY, lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills & longtime season ticket holder. He prides himself on his tailgate parties and knowledge of the game, never one to shy away from hot topics or debate. He holds a degree in journalism and has experience in broadcasting and blogging. These, combined with his passion for all things football allow him to produce informative & entertaining content for Buffalo Bills fans everywhere.


Chris Krueger

The Roto Hockey Show


Brian Matthews

Brian has more than 15-years experience in journalism, communications and playing fake sports on the internet. He is the co-host of one of the top-rated fantasy hockey podcasts available today -- The Roto Hockey Show and writes about the Buffalo Sabres for The Hockey Writers. He writes and broadcasts out of his man cave in Upstate New York and spends too much time playing hockey, drinking beer and thinking about skiing. You can follow him on Twitter @NHLRoto.


Tony Healey

Co-host of the Roto Hockey Show podcast and has an avid fantasy sports player since 1999. He is a loyal follower of the Montreal Canadiens and has (unfortunately) seen every game they’ve played for the last ten seasons. He also follows the Dolphins and Dodgers which just further proves he is glutton for punishment. He lives his life using 4 pillars: Family, Fantasy Sports, Beer and Hockey. Not necessarily in that order. You can follow him on Twitter: @T_Loc11

Talking Tanked


Taylor Sentz

Taylor is an avid Buffalo sports fan and long-time Bills season ticket holder. He's got an appetite for cold beer and deliciously hot takes. You can find Taylor on Twitter at @InAdidasWeTrust.


Nate Geary

Nate’s the host of Bills halftime and postgame on WGR 550 and the creator of the Talking Tanked podcast. He’s also a contributor at, where he breaks down film on quarterbacks. You can find Nate on Twitter at @NateGearyWGR.

The Sports Monarchy


Kory Reid

Kory is the former voice of Buffalo State Hockey and Football, and he cannot get enough NFL and NHL action. While a Buffalo fan at heart, his knowledge of sports expands far outside of Western New York.


Rich Cumpston

Rich is a former WBNY Sports Director and an all around sports fan who doesn't believe you have to root for the hometown team. He has extensive knowledge of the the NHL, MLB, and NBA.

Three Step Drop


Coleman Crawford

Coleman is a co-founder of Three Step Drop, a husband and a father, and a contributor for SB Nation's Field Gulls and Cover 1.


Matty Brown

Matty covers the Big 12, NFC West, and NFL Draft for Inside The Pylon. He's a co-host of the Three Step Drop Podcast, a writer at Sky Sports, and a Defensive Assistant and Publicity Secretary of the @UEAPirates.


Lior Habinsky

Lior is simply a graduate student, a football fan, and a Seattleite.

Train With The Best


Chris Gorres

Chris is a performance coach of elite athletes in all sports, all levels, youth to pro. He meets every opportunity with great preparation and a positive attitude.


Lorenzo Alexander

“Versatile” somehow doesn’t do justice in describing Lorenzo Alexander. This “One ManGang” has played offensive guard, tight end, linebacker, fullback, defensive tackle, defensive end, and special teams! He is an amazing example of determination, perseverance, and adaptability. Along with his “first-team”attitude, his willingness to contribute wherever needed has served him well in his 12-year NFL career earning Pro Bowl Honors twice and All Pro.


Craig Hoffman

Craig Hoffman is a host for CBS Radio's 106.7 The Fan and a personal trainer at OneLife Fitness in Reston, VA. Craig was hired by ESPN to work for their Dallas affiliate at the age of 23 and moved to Washington, DC a little over two years later. Craig met Chris at a coffee shop in Northern Virginia, and the Train With The Best podcast was born!

Vegas Hockey Podcast


Chris Lizza

Been writing about hockey the last few years and podcasting for the last two. Been with the Vegas Hockey Podcast since 2015. Chris also writes about the New York Islanders on Fansided site “Eyes on the Isles” and co-host on the podcast “The NHL on the Ice”

Mark Warner

Mark started The Vegas Hockey Podcast in March, 2015, when the Vegas Golden Knights announced their ticket drive. He is a 30 year resident of Las Vegas, a journalism student, and a fan of the game since 1980.

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